Advice regarding specific chemical substances and products

Ingredients in cosmetics, user exposure to e.g. epoxy in the industry or limit values in various environmental tasks – we have the backgrounds enabling us to provide you with the correct professional advice.


Cosmetic products

Both small entrepreneurs and established manufacturers contact us for sparring about a given product they see a market for. We perform checks in relation to current cosmetics legislation, prepare proper label and assists in relation to contact with the authorities, the registration procedure, EU pif etc.


Expose to e.g. epoxy

We act as advisors to the industry regarding e.g. epoxy. We advise on carrying out workplace instructions – for individuals but with an eye for the environment as a whole, as well.  We conduct risk assessments on composite products containing epoxy and do it with respect to the actual situation, combined with existing rules. The existing rules and system is being updated, creating contexts where they do not work as intended, because they have not followed the development. We challenge the authorities in such cases and work closely with them.


Environmental tasks

We also take on assignments demanding us on sites: A customer might have a challenge with high emissions of a given substance to a plant. We provide advice on site and carry out tests and contact authorities if required. In this way the extent of our involvement can vary according to customer requirements.

Our advice is rooted in our chemical background but we combine it greatly with our practical experience from numerous work places and sites.