Our monthly AJOUR consist of a newsletter and a list of regulations with legislation of current interest and relevant information about chemistry, environment, and safety for the company.

The newsletter presents an extract of relevant announcements, rapports, regulation, and other substantial information, which has been published through the last month.

The list of regulations assembles Danish laws and announcements plus EU regulations and directives with relevance for the chemical industry. The list is divided into areas, by means of which you easily can create an overview of the legislation that has influence on your work, for example within work environment, transport, or cosmetics. When the list is updated the new legislation is marked, just as outdated legislation is removed from the list. In this way you can keep up with the newest and most relevant legislation with relevance for your work in an easy and simple way.

As receiver of AJOUR you are invited to 4 annually newsdays, where topics of professionally relevance are being presented and discussed.

AJOUR costs DKK 40.- per month or 480.- per year. Sign up here.  


Company adapted solutions

Do you wish to receive newsletters and/or list of regulations targeted your company or branch alone, we customize a solution, which matches your wishes and special needs. Together with you we draw up a list of keywords and search engines we use as the basis for your product.

Contact us to and hear more of, what we can offer your company or your branch.




Become the receiver of our free monthly newsfeed. As a receiver of our newsfeed you get an extract of the newest and most relevant laws, announcements, EU regulations, and directives (only in Danish). Sign up here

If you have any questions please contact Rune Nautrup, rn@mediator.as.